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Our mission is to train medical providers to deliver the best care for injured workers while advocating for employees and employers to create healthier work environments.


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Occupational Medicine Training is our Speciality

At ASCEND, occ med consulting and workplace safety training is our passion. Our occupational medicine consultants are practicing physicians with decades of hands-on experience, while our directing physician speaks at national medical conferences. Our services are so effective because of our wealth of experience in cross-functional teams in many challenging environments.

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For Clinics and Companies

Occupational Medicine Training


ASCEND’s world-class occupational health and safety training prepares physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners to correctly and effectively deliver occupational medicine services to all your patients. 

We know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach, so we tailor our training to suit your unique needs. Our popular and practical scenarios-based training equips trainees with the tools they need to confidently provide occ med and/or Workers’ Compensation services in real-world scenarios they may encounter at their place of work.


For Clinics and Companies

Work Restrictions Training


Have you ever wondered if there is a ‘correct’ way to write work restrictions? Or what if an employer cannot accommodate work restrictions? 

ASCEND trains hospitals, private clinics, and corporate entities on the types of medical restrictions to write for certain injuries, when it’s okay to take patients out of work, how long injured employees can stand or sit, how disability fits in with work restrictions, how to account for light duty work restrictions, and much more by providing real examples of work restrictions clients may encounter in their line of work.

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For Clinics and Companies

Workers’ Compensation Training


Workers’ Compensation cases can quickly spiral out of control or, in the worst-case scenario, even lead to litigation. That’s why it’s mission-critical to properly train staff in the various considerations that go into effectively managing Workers’ Compensation cases. 

ASCEND occupational health consultants will help you identify potential risks and cost-saving opportunities related to Workers’ Compensation at your business so you can rest easy knowing your Workers’ Compensation program is completely optimized.

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For Clinics and Companies

Remote Medical Training


No matter what type of training you need, ASCEND offers remote medical training and virtual workshops for hospitals, private clinics, and corporate entities. 

Our tried-and-true trainee feedback system allows our trainers to keep the pace and content as engaging as possible for your team. We also provide keynote speakers upon request.

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Work Restrictions


Fill in the form to download our free guide, the 5 Biggest Mistakes Medical Providers Make When Writing Work Restrictions.

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Our Results

Benefits Of Working With ASCEND

  • Clinic Evolution
  • Corporate Savings
  • Revenue Streams

Clinic Evolution

Whether you’re a clinic owner or manager, our occ med training can result in consistent best practices that help attract more patients and generate more revenue. ASCEND also has proven, compliant communication techniques specifically suited to more effective and profitable occ med provider-patient exchanges.

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Corporate Savings

Our work restrictions and Workers’ Compensation training can help employers boost profitability by millions of dollars through the development of robust injury and illness management programs. ASCEND occupational medicine consultants help employers navigate medical restrictions for work and work restriction violations while developing their light duty programs so work restrictions can be accommodated.

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Revenue Streams

ASCEND partners with healthcare and workplace wellness companies and organizations to obtain government contract opportunities with federal, state, and local agencies. If you are a clinic looking for increased patient volumes, or a company looking to expand your occupational health and/or employee wellness reach, we can help.

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