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We help self-insured employers close their worker’s compensation claims faster, saving millions of dollars each year.

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Workers’ Compensation is our Speciality

ASCEND specializes in partnering board-certified occupational medicine physicians with employers to dramatically reduce their workers’ compensation costs. Through proven strategies that consistently save organizations money, ASCEND delivers tangible financial benefits while ensuring optimal care for injured workers.

Founded by an Air Force Veteran who believes that everyone’s job is mission-critical whether they wear a uniform or not, and that collectively, we cannot afford for anyone to sit on the bench, injured workers are viewed and treated as industrial athletes. Together with their employers, ASCEND helps injured workers recover as quickly as possible.

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For Self-Insured Employers

Claim Reviews & Audits


Your organization’s hundreds of open work comp claims incur millions of dollars in annual costs. ASCEND offers claim reviews and audits with recommendations to expedite claim closures. Let us provide you with a practical roadmap for each of your claims, outlining how you can accelerate closure of the claim, even in the midst of physician and provider shortages.

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For Self-Insured Employers

Medical Directorships


While nurse case managers ensure appointment attendance and authorization requests, they fall short in overall medical management and swift closure of work comp claims.

ASCEND specializes in partnering board-certified occupational medicine physicians with employers to lower their workers’ compensations costs using proven strategies that have consistently saved organizations money by:

– Recognizing time courses of recovery for injuries and illnesses, closing claims faster. 

– Adhering to state treatment guidelines, driving down medical costs. 

– Clearly and effectively communicating treatment plans and expected outcomes with workers, reducing anxiety and ultimately, claim costs.


For Self-Insured Employers

Provider Training


The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a shortage of physicians, particularly those well-versed in the intricate nuances of workers’ compensation.

Often, workers’ compensation cases are entrusted to urgent care providers who may lack the specialized knowledge required to effectively manage such cases. This mismatch arises from the complex nature of workers’ compensation coupled with the limited scope and workflow of urgent care facilities.

The lack of specialized knowledge leads to delayed closure of workers’ compensation claims, costing your organization a fortune.  ASCEND offers intensive training on the nuances of workers’ compensation, teaching your providers how to close claims quickly and more effectively.

Work Restrictions


Fill in the form to download our free guide, the 5 Biggest Mistakes Medical Providers Make When Writing Work Restrictions.

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Our Results

Benefits Of Working With ASCEND

  • Clinic Evolution
  • Corporate Savings
  • Revenue Streams

Clinic Evolution

If you are a self-insured employer with an in-house medical team, ASCEND’s proven strategies and training will give your team best practices that attract more injured workers, generating more revenue. By optimizing your clinic’s operations and patient care protocols, ASCEND helps you enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve outcomes, ultimately bolstering your organization’s reputation and bottom line.

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Corporate Savings

Workers’ compensation claims are becoming increasingly complex and many organizations are being hammered with applicant awards that pass six figures.  Workers’ overall poor health and psychosocial complexities slow their work injury recovery. Implementation of ASCEND’s strategies and methods can help self-insured employers boost profitability by millions of dollars simply by closing claims faster. ASCEND occupational medicine consultants provide employers with medical analysis to determine causation, helping employers avoid claims that are not work-related.  Our consultants also provide expert guidance on treatment plans to support a stay-at-work / return-to-work culture through light duty programs resulting in lower claim costs and enhanced productivity.

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Revenue Streams

ASCEND partners with healthcare and workplace wellness companies and organizations to obtain government contract opportunities with federal, state, and local agencies. If you are a clinic looking for increased patient volumes, or a company looking to expand your occupational health and/or employee wellness reach, we can help.

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